Y3 Art Resolutions: #2-A falling angel

Y3 Art Resolutions is the third year of an evolving resolution to elevate every day by looking at art and creativity as a life’s philosophy.

Not long ago, I watched a program discussing how mental illness and other physical detours from the norm create the filter through which certain artists’ brilliance emerges. For me, it validated the unconscious, uncensored expression that “normal” artists can experience which appears undisciplined — until you recognize the small signs of color placement and choice, spacial relationship, texture, line, and contrast that demonstrate a deep or intuitive understanding of those things that make art.

The studies below are not brilliant, but they grew out of intuitive drawing and limited tools.  I’d thought of doing a study but had abandoned the idea when annoyed that I’d taken colored pencils out of my travel bag. I had only a sketch pad and two razor point pens. One black. One blue. Finally, I resolved only to see where  line would take me. But not long after starting, curiosity took over. How effective could I make an intuitive drawing with a nearly monochromatic palette?

Some time past and I saw an angel with pinched face. Perhaps indigestion. Her wings worn thin from flying. She looked travel weary and resigned to fall to earth. All this pleased me (well, not her condition–but that she showed up).


Once revealed, I wanted to see her other dimensions. I recharged my tablet and pulled her into my digital painting program. Then cloaked her in a coat of colors and tried to breathe life into her fragile wings.


But the exuberance was too much for my frail flyer.  She begged to be see only for her core –the deep inner coals that stoked the last fires of her soul. Using white pencil, I cast a web of white over that fought to suppress her inner self. Away from the hoopla of wings and gowns, she was a waif.


When I added a black background for more contrast and dimension, it was too harsh. A web of blue pencil softened it. And there she was, my dispepsic angel in all her fading glory.


About vbassoc

Donna Van Bogaert is a researcher and consultant in the field of cognitive styles, health communication, and organizational communication and behavior. Her business, Van Bogaert & Associates, Inc., specializes in cognitive-based coaching, management consulting, and leadership development. When the winds are blowing her way, she travels and talks about workplace potential and creative problem solving. In another life, Donna sings jazz. For a very long time, she fronted two 18-piece big bands —All That Jazz (Madison, WI) and The Gardenia Big Band (Rockford, IL). She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where, in a third parallel universe, she leads a media branch of a national research institute. Mostly she has returned to painting, poetry, and plotting the next chapter of her life.
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