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Manhattan: One More for the Road

Most of you know me well. And, are expectedly unsurprised that I have dragged three days in New York and the Valentine’s holiday into a saga of four parts and 3300 words. (My talent for extending the festive is legend. … Continue reading

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Part 3: Manhattan Valentine-Close Encounter with Mr. Wrong

See the photo above? Of course, it would be easy to suggest such a picture results when the operator is inebriated. I wasn’t. Actually, I was working on ¬† a sweet shot of a guy carrying a huge bouquet of … Continue reading

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Another trip: Defining love.

Unattached people, in particular, think about the meaning of romantic love every February 14. As you know, the lover’s holiday has been a focal point of my posts this week. From my entertainment background, I know this is a good … Continue reading

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I Heart NYC-part 2: Mr. Good Enough for Right Now?

Part of Manhattan’s unexpected allure is that it’s nearly impossible to feel alone. Cities can be extremely impersonal. Despite being one of the great global commerce centers, NYC is at least equal parts cultural and entertainment mecca. In Times Square, … Continue reading

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A Manhattan Valentine

Kismet has not been a soul sister lately, but this week it seems we are reconvening. Sunday night I left the newly arrived Cincinnati winter for another date with the big island. United Airlines conspired to hold me hostage but … Continue reading

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The Red Box: When Life is Delicious

Have you ever come home to a red box? Thursday night I climbed Mt. Muchmore returning at 6pm on a dreary night. Through the grey February blah, my eyes quickly fixed on a large, red, rectangular box resting against the … Continue reading

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Everything Old is New Again

Yes, ¬†2012 is already a month old. It’s taken nearly that long to get my sea legs back after the holidays. Anyone who was ¬†reading a year ago might wonder if I got to a magical place for a little … Continue reading

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