Clooney and Summer Art-part 2

Fall weather has come to Mt. Muchmore and the pretty kind. Cool mornings. Dry leaf scented air. Cozy, sun-filled afternoons. Feels like school starting and homecoming. I have it in my head that I will have my own kind of harvest homecoming and songfest, but more on that later.

Time to return to summer again, late summer and my art projects at B Neal’s Hole-in-the-Wall Studio. Over Labor Day, I came into Madison to check on work at the McFarland house and see the boys. Bonnie invited me to stay with her in Verona and we had one last fling together in her studio. She introduced me to printing with “funny foam” and printing art components on sandwich wrap to use in bigger layered projects. It was great fun and rekindled my love of printmaking so much so that I have bought the inexpensive supplies to do it in the Muchmore Studio.

The experience stoked my fascination with fabric printing. I have periodically thought that I would love designing fabric prints for a living. With the state of digital graphics and printers, anyone can send designs away to have custom fabric made. I see a Bogie print in my next summer’s wardrobe! Anyway, here’s some of what I felt were the more interesting pieces that came home with me. The first, I call the  squid – jelly fish. It looks planned but really any similarity to something representational in any of these was a fluke.

We swam, we ate, we created. It was wonderful! And, now I am figuring out the fabric printing. I visualize a summer chemise and a great scarf. Will keep you posted on my progress.

Muchmore Social Life

September 27 marked my second anniversary in Cincinnati. It hardly seems possible. On a business trip to NIOSH centers in Morgantown and Pittsburgh almost two weeks ago, I realized that I needed to take personal time to be in Cinci if I was ever going to truly feel at home here. I finally accepted that all my time off can be used to return home to Madison, if I am to create my home here. So in the spirit of taking bull by horns, I took last Monday and the previous Friday off. Perfect! I really needed to clean the drawers I’d stuffed everytime I had a visitor. I also needed time to find a new set of healthcare professionals (my first batch didn’t survive the “do I want to grow old with you?” test). Getting my writing, bookwork, and art centers set up, organized, and feeling like good places to be was next on the list. As a result, the Van Bogaert room now has a desk so I have a dedicated writing space. A wicker file chest I ordered to replace the storage box filing in the Miami room just arrived the other day. And, I recovered the dining room table for my artwork framing and printing.

Besides starting a batch of Mom’s sweet pickle recipe, I bought sale mums for the gardens and ran errands and said “time for people.” I emailed new friend and musician, Evelien, to see if she was up for seeing “A Man for All Seasons” at the Cinci Shakespeare Co. I love that Evelien is such a kindred spirit—a musician, Dutch (kissing cousin to my Belgian heritage), a Snooty devotee, and spontaneous! Though she had a gig that conflicted with the show, she told me about a great concert she was playing the next day at Knox Presbyterian Church and put the Hyde Park Art Fair on my radar. So last Sunday I sat listening to her play in a fabulous concert, got a few minutes to check in with her,  then she headed out for a wedding gig and I strolled a few blocks over for a perfect autumn afternoon at a really fine art fair. There were street musicians who were great and blocks of many excellent artist’s work and some that were exceptional. I savored a charbroiled hamburger and then took my time taking it all in. It was a blissful day.

By the time I returned to work on Tuesday, my house was in order, I had a guitar lesson scheduled, an iphone in my pocket, new desk, file cabinets on order, and two routine doctor’s appointments set up. I walked in NIOSH with a spring in my step and smile on my face. I also had plans brewing for a Fall Harvest fest at the house. I was feeling like me. Over the course of the week, I heard from one of the other singers in the Cinci big band and my former office assistant. Add in some spontaneous movie plans with my senior team lead and I am in the midst of a growing social life.

Gorgeous George Opens in the Neighborhood

If you took notice, George Clooney’s new flick entitled “Ides of March” opened yesterday. Laurie, my senior team lead, is a great movie fan. Fancy free because of a bachelor’s party her husband was attending, she asked me what I was up to last night. She was anxious to see the new movie as I was. We agreed to meet for the 7:15 show. In the meantime, I was meeting fellow singer, Jenny, for a glass of wine after work. We met at Tellers, an old bank

transformed into a cool little bistro with a great second story outdoor patio. It was the perfect “one of the last of the season” opportunities to sit in a beautiful environment and enjoy the release of finishing another week’s work. This is a popular place with the Hyde Park up and comers. Hadn’t done a Happy Hour in a long time and Jenny and I caught up on the latest dramas with the big band. I stopped going to rehearsals in February. Just wasn’t the calibre of All That Jazz. Missed my Madison band members and especially the great management and directing skills of Paul Heinecke. Jenny and I made a pact to meet at Tellers again soon and I headed home for a quick change before the movie.

As it was opening night in Cinci, the Stockyard Bank (heavily featured in the movie) was having a soire for it’s staff and bought out the first showing tickets. Not to be detered, Laurie and I took in Brad Pitt’s “Moneyball.” Love baseball movies and Pitt and Joshua Hill (?) were great, but in the movie post mortem we agreed there were some holes in the editing. We finished just in time to get to the second showing of “Ides.” Can’t say we thought it brilliant, but the dapper Mr. Clooney sure put Cinci front and center. It wasn’t enough to obscure the full list of flaws in the movie, but it was sufficient to distract you. Though the film had a depressing theme and some questionable story lines, the real star and consuming focus of the movie for those of us living here was the city. And, Georgie did his stomping grounds proud.

Enough for tonight. I’ve already been sitting on this over a week and I have a backlog of stories yet to tell–so buena notte or buonjorno (as I see it is 1:48am). Goodnight from Mt. Muchmore where the woodpeckers are aggressive and the deer are bold.


About vbassoc

Donna Van Bogaert is a researcher and consultant in the field of cognitive styles, health communication, and organizational communication and behavior. Her business, Van Bogaert & Associates, Inc., specializes in cognitive-based coaching, management consulting, and leadership development. When the winds are blowing her way, she travels and talks about workplace potential and creative problem solving. In another life, Donna sings jazz. For a very long time, she fronted two 18-piece big bands —All That Jazz (Madison, WI) and The Gardenia Big Band (Rockford, IL). She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where, in a third parallel universe, she leads a media branch of a national research institute. Mostly she has returned to painting, poetry, and plotting the next chapter of her life.
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3 Responses to Clooney and Summer Art-part 2

  1. judy says:

    Love your newest works. Very fabricy!

  2. Vicki says:

    Glad you took time for yourself! It’s great to get those cluttered drawers organized and make sacred space for writing!

  3. cynth23 says:

    Love all the Art work Donna!

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